Medvedev has demanded to understand with debts on a salary

Dmitry Medvedev instructed the heads of regions to take under personal control the situation with non-payment of salaries. Now the volume of delay is estimated at 4 billion rubles or about 1% of the monthly wage Fund.

Dmitry Medvedev asked the regional heads to take control of the situation with debts on a salary. During the selector meeting with the regions Prime Minister said about the need to take additional measures to address this problem, reports «TV Center».

The head of government stressed that the issue of late payment is resonant and must be under the personal control of the heads of regional administrations. Economy-wide figure of debt is not very large, at least four billion rubles. This is below one percent of the wage Fund of enterprises in arrears. Medvedev stressed the fact that people should get the money in time is axiomatic.

«Behind every outstanding ruble are real people. The number of those who did not receive in November the money had reached about 70 thousand people. And this situation is unacceptable. Even a small delay should not have any excuses, including references to the General economic situation. Especially when some employers are tempted to withhold money or extra time to scroll through a financial scheme,» — said Medvedev.

Medvedev has demanded to understand with debts on a salary 26.11.2016

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