Medvedev has confirmed changes in rules of the road

Dmitry Medvedev signed two resolutions that amend the rules of the road. The first document introduces the new diagonal markings at intersections, the second changes the priority when travelling by car roundabouts.

Dmitry Medvedev issued instructions to stimulate the export of domestic products. These measures are developed in consultation with the Advisory Council on foreign investment, said «TV Center».

In addition, at the meeting the head of the government said that the registration procedure of new drugs will accelerate, and simplify procurement. Also Dmitry Medvedev has told about changes in the rules of the road.

«Now the regions will have the right to apply to problem areas special road markings. Drivers, I hope it will be easier to navigate. And the second resolution changes the priority of passage at intersections with circular motion. Now priority directions is the one who moves on the circle, and entering will have to give way. This practice exists in almost all European countries and has proved its efficiency,» Medvedev said.

Medvedev has confirmed changes in rules of the road 30.10.2017

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