Medvedev had approved an increase in support atomproma

Since July in all regions of Russia will be introduced electronic sick-lists, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers.

According to the Prime Minister, these documents will be paid benefits, including temporary disability, pregnancy and childbirth. This system, according to Medvedev, it is much easier, because the design of hospital is much faster. They don’t have to stand in line, and doctors will not have to fill out lots of paperwork. In addition, the electronic document can not be faked or lost. Innovation allows you to send the hospital to the employer directly. During the meeting, the Prime Minister has also approved several initiatives of the government. One of which is increasing support for the automotive industry

«We are changing the relevant rules for the allocation of money from the Federal budget, expanding the range of companies that can qualify for the money. Include now and OEMs – they can reduce costs as a result of transporting components and assemblies. And also to increase existing support for automakers that have a high degree of localization from 20 to 80%», — transfers words of the Prime Minister «TV Center».

Medvedev had approved an increase in support atomproma 20.06.2017

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