Mediterranean holidays in the country of heroes and gods

The azure sea stretches away beyond the horizon, mountain landscape animates bright green, fragrant pine trees (on-site 3,000 of them) and traditional olive groves, and Golden, wide beach and did not see the end.

Vacation in the resort town of Gregolimano on the North of the largest island of Euboea in the Aegean sea atmosphere of the Greek culture and traditions. You can be accommodated in a secluded Bungalow hidden in shady groves, or «Acropolis», «Olympus», «the Pantheon» – even the building in which the rooms are named after iconic buildings of antiquity. Each room – a total of 381 – offers wonderful views of the turquoise sea or the green tops of the trees.

In the restaurant Le Panorama in the morning and in the evening you can taste national Greek dishes, while admiring breathtaking views of the Bay. Traditional Greek cuisine – the card of Gregolimano. A lot of fresh vegetables, spicy tzatziki, feta fragrant, fragrant oil, fish, seafood, and olives (on the island they are grown to 60 species) – is not only delicious, but also useful. Another place on campus where you can have a family dinner, the restaurant Les Pleiades features a terrace and serves all the world’s cuisines.

Club Med confirms my credo is not just a vacation, but a special style of life: in addition to the exquisite menu, guests will find a wide selection of sports and leisure activities, designed for all ages, and is already included in the price.

In Gregolimano especially the water activities – there is sailing, wakeboard, water aerobics, and water skiing – for both adults and children. The element of air? You will surely appreciate flying on a circus trapeze. To join you will be able and children – to engage in trapezoid is 4 years old. Those who like to stand firmly on the ground, offering Pilates, archery, tennis lessons, 12 tennis courts and much more. The best part is that training is already included in the price, and how many sports you can try, depends on length of vacation and your enthusiasm.

Caring for children during the holidays take on the professional G. O.* For those who are 4 to 17 years, open doors of clubs at Club Med Mini Clubs. Kids from 4 to 10 years old will take creative (crafts, fashion shows) and sports (gymnastics, mini-football) activities on safe sites Mini Club Med. Those who are older – from 11 to 17 in Juniors’ Club Med offer to take in the history of Ancient Greece, or to prepare the evening show after sport.

While adults learn sailing or bask in the sun, a little outdoor enthusiasts and extreme sports absolutely safe under the supervision of professionals can learn the basics of playing tennis in the Little Tennis section (3-6 years) and to learn to water-ski in a Little Water Skiing (4-6 years). Especially artistic kids can try yourself as a circus or clowns in Little Circus (4 to 6 years), and at the evening performance everyone will have a chance to demonstrate newly acquired skills.

If the kids are under the age of 4 years, he can leave with a babysitter and enjoy the evening together. Also for the convenience of parents in the main restaurant has a Baby Corner – baby corner for the little ones. This is the place where you can prepare lunch or dinner for your crumbs from delicious fresh ingredients.

Come to Greece and not visit any of the tour – would be an unfortunate omission. In the resort town of Club Med offers several exciting options. For example, day trip to Athens – the cradle of world culture – or a trip to historic Delphi. You can also visit the famous monasteries on the rocks of Meteora, included in the world heritage List of UNESCO. But for those who want to go back to flying on the trapeze and sailing, offer local trips, for example, in the picturesque fishing village of Agios Georgios near the hotel or in the town of NEOs Pyrgos 29 km from Club Med. And only 25 km is the famous region of Aedipsos where you can practice diving and Cycling. Guests can also enjoy a Mediterranean beauty with a bird’s-eye while traveling by helicopter is another option from the variety of holidays offered by Club Med.

Be inspired by the perfect Greek types and choose any room convenient on the page of the resort

*Gentils Organisateurs, with FR. – «careful organizers».

About Club Med:

Company Club Med (short for Club Méditerranée, or club med), founded in 1950 by Gerard Blitz (Gerard Blitz) and Trigano Gilbert (Gilbert Trigano), became a pioneer in organizing holidays premium on the system «all inclusive». Today, Club Med operates in 26 countries on 4 continents: the company has 68 class resorts in the most beautiful corners of the planet. Worldwide, Club Med has 23 000 employees, 110 nationalities.

Mediterranean holidays in the country of heroes and gods 02.05.2017

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