Media: Ukraine mass violations of human rights

Post-Maidan government de facto and de jure recreate the worst features of the USSR. This topic was discussed at the last press conference with the participation of representatives of the international human rights movement Uapolitfreedom, writes «Russian planet».

Uapolitfreedom – movement, opposing the persecution of dissidents in Ukraine. «Typical for Ukrainian reality began large-scale political repression. Many people of other political beliefs, which are judged, at times, used language, ethnicity and residence in a particular territory, are subjected to arrests, torture and other harassment,» — said on the website of the movement.

Uapolitfreedom notes that the European vector of Ukraine did not affect the efforts of the authorities to ensure fundamental human rights on the situation in compliance with international law. «To justify political persecution of dissidents, they are hung has nothing to do with the legality and right of the labels «terrorists», «separatists» and so on — believed members of the movement.

Uapolitfreedom was supported by politicians, experts and public figures in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Austria, Montenegro, Lebanon, Armenia and Georgia.

According Uapolitfreedom, after the «revolution of dignity» post-Maidan authorities introduced the practice of persecution on political grounds. Under Patriotic slogans on trial and imprisoned hundreds of people, exponents of alternative points of view on the Maidan and the war in the Donbass. In addition to criminal prosecution in Ukraine is booming the practice of extrajudicial killings: killings and beatings.

As a rule, acts of physical violence are on the conscience of the nationalist groups that received in Ukraine the nickname «vyshivatniki». In turn to deal with dissidents «democratic» government actively uses the following articles of the Criminal code.

The press conference participants stated that the cases of arbitrariness do not get serious resonance in the Ukrainian media, either owned by the oligarchs or the state. The Ukrainian media are very quick to respond to detentions, arrests and court proceedings relating to the «heroes ATO.» On judges, the leading case of radicals, is under tremendous pressure from law enforcement agencies and deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. Often Ukrainian soldiers protect and on television.

Media: Ukraine mass violations of human rights 04.10.2016

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