Media: Syria has moved its aircraft closer to the Russian base

The Syrian army has moved most of its combat aircraft to the Russian air base «Hamim», CNN reports, citing sources. Relocation is associated with a desire to protect themselves from possible re-strike from the US.

The Syrian authorities had redeployed their military aircraft close to the Russian military base «Hamim» hoping to protect them from coalition strikes. This was reported by CNN, citing military sources in the United States.

According to TV channel, the government army has deployed «most if not all are able to fly the planes» to defend against possible re-strike from the US. The movement of the aircraft started soon after strike with cruise missiles at the airbase «Sirat», according to sources CNN.

Airfield «Hamim» is located in the Syrian province of Latakia in Western Syria. It is a place of basing of the Russian aviation group.

Strike on Syrian airbase was inflicted on the night of 7 April. U.S. authorities called it a response to the chemical attack in Idlib province, the responsibility for which they and a number of Western countries put on Damascus.

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Media: Syria has moved its aircraft closer to the Russian base 21.04.2017

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