Media: suspended Pujdeme went to Brussels

Detective story happened on Monday in Catalonia. There suddenly disappeared the main culprit of the unrest throughout Europe the former head of autonomy Carles Pujdeme. There is information about the fact that he left Spain, for which officials have nicknamed the «President of the Republic in exile.» Meanwhile, the authorities of the Kingdom submitted to the management authority in the court. He is accused of mutiny and embezzlement of public funds.

Metal fence on one side and literally a wall of TV cameras on the other. The police and press are on duty in front of Generalitat, reports «TV Center». The main intrigue — whether coming to the office was sent by Madrid in the resignation of Carlos Dutchdemon.

Waiting for him in the government, the meeting of the Democratic party of Catalonia. But the leader of the rebellious autonomy vanished, published in social networks not only in the mysterious photo net the Catalan sky with the caption «good morning.» Made of office, then the media decide. But when?

In the square of Saint James, more and more journalists, supporters and opponents of independence. When feeds of news flies breaking news: Pujdeme along with 4 Ministers of the government are not in Barcelona. And not even in Spain. But in Brussels. Where, according to media reports, is preparing to make a statement. And allegedly seeking political asylum. A few hours earlier the attorney-General of Spain, josé Manuel Mas has already announced the beginning of criminal prosecution of the Catalan politicians. All those who sought independence.

«The General Prosecutor’s office, in accordance with the constitutional mandate, was charged with riot, and the embezzlement of public funds by political leaders of the regional authorities of Catalonia, which by its decisions and actions in recent years has created an institutional crisis, culminating in the unilateral Declaration of independence on 27 October,» — said the Prosecutor.

Two complaints sent to the Spanish Supreme court and the National judicial College. Members of the government and members of Parliament will probably be summoned for questioning. And then, perhaps, will issue a warrant for the arrest. Organization of revolt against the Central authorities according to Spanish law is 30 years in prison. The speaker of the Catalan Parliament, the Karma Forcadell — it is also among the probable accused, on Monday formally dissolved the legislative Assembly. Until early elections, which, as required by Madrid, will take place on 21 December. Of participation already stated all the main political forces of Catalonia. Supporters Pokdemon of them.

If autonomy will once again lead the Pro-independence supporters in power, the political crisis will flare up with renewed vigor. The battle for Generality simply postponed. One thing is clear though: its former head, pictures of which still stand in the offices of a government building, is unlikely to return in the same status.

Catherine Vyskrebentseva, Eugene, poloiko, «TV Center», Catalonia, Spain.

Media: suspended Pujdeme went to Brussels 31.10.2017

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