Media reported high turnout in the elections in Iran

In Iran presidential elections. For the post of head of state are fighting four candidates. Among the favorites — the current leader Hassan Rouhani and former Prosecutor General Ebrahim Raisi. The voting process is closely watched around the world — Republic takes an active part in the Affairs of the Middle East. For the Iranian people, the main issue is the improvement of the economic situation in the country.

Even on the morning of polling stations can’t accommodate everyone, the correspondent of «TV Center» from the event. Before entering the mosque for two turns. Men and women traditionally vote separately, however it is one of the few restrictions. They can come at any polling station across the country.

The ballot in Iran get fingerprint. This is done on purpose to eliminate double voting. There is no usual list of candidates — the voter writes his own name.

Out of 1600 candidates who have passed the security screening, in the final race there are four. Clear leaders – two. This is the current President Hassan Rouhani and Ayatollah Ibrahim Raisi. Their supporters can be identified even by the clothes. Raisi – conservative, Shiite Ayatollah. He is a supporter of the traditional Islamic values and criticises the current government for a deal on the Iranian nuclear issue. Iran took only a part of the international sanctions, and after the arrival of Donald trump relations between the two countries again deteriorated sharply.

Hassan Rouhani promised to pursue a policy of getting rid of sanctions and to attract international investors. Many Iranians like his image of a reformer.

«Over the last four years women have become freer to dress. I want this liberalization continued. Young people now got more freedom. We now have a social network. Thanks to them, the level of consciousness of the people rises. I’m happy with my country, but wish that we move more towards democracy» – supporters of Rouhani.

The winner of the presidential election must gain more than 50% of the votes, otherwise a week will be held the second round. The final results will approve Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. He is the head of the Islamic Republic, and the President here, plays the role of the Prime Minister. However, judging by the turnout, and no one considers him a figure, devoid of influence.

Peter Buslaev, Valery Konin, Victor Maltsev, Eduard Mammadov. «TV Center», Tehran.

Media reported high turnout in the elections in Iran 20.05.2017

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