Media reported about the inability of Patriot missile systems to shoot down a missile Huthis

The statement that the air defense system of Saudi Arabia destroyed in November, ballistic missile Huthis on the approach to the country’s capital Riyadh may be false, according to the material of the newspaper the New York Times.

In early November it was reported that in the North-East of Riyadh, Saudi complexes us-made Patriot missile shot down, allegedly of Iranian origin, with which Yemen has launched the Houthi rebels.

The US President Donald trump, commenting on the incident, said that the American system has successfully coped with the task. «That’s what we’re capable of. No one can produce what we do. And we also sell it around the world,» he said.

However, the New York Times, based on the analysis of photos and video, believes that the rocket has overcome air defenses and exploded near the airport in Riyadh. The publication notes that the recovered debris did not contain elements of the warhead. Most likely, writes the NYT, the warhead in flight was separated from the rocket, which may have been struck by defenses. The charge continued the flight and landed at the airport. The article presents the testimony of witnesses who spoke of a powerful explosion. In addition, the newspaper has published satellite images, which show the dark, on the supposed site of the explosion, and photos of the land on which visible smoke.

The newspaper reminds that previously the US government had already overestimated the effectiveness of Patriot. So, during the war in the Persian Gulf, the Pentagon reported almost complete defeat of the Iraqi missiles of the Soviet production of R-17. Subsequent studies have proven that almost all attempts to intercept these missiles failed.

RIA Novosti

Media reported about the inability of Patriot missile systems to shoot down a missile Huthis 05.12.2017

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