Media reported about 70 victims of a fire in a high-rise London

The number of victims of a fire in a high rise building in London has risen to 70 people. Earlier, Scotland Yard reported 30 dead. However, dozens of people remained missing.

Up to 70 people has increased the number of victims of the fire at Grenfell Tower in London. About it reports Sky News.

According to the official information of Scotland Yard, the fire in high-rise killed 30 people. At the same time, the media has compiled a list of 65 people who were missing.

Among the possible victims of the fire — 18 children and adolescents. Another 24 injured are in hospitals. 12 are in critical condition.

Just 24-storey building, which is located in North Kensington, lived up to 600 people. Most of the tenants are immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Now relatives and friends of the victims involved in demonstrations in the building of the district Council, reports RIA Novosti. They need to give them full information about the investigation and the immediate release of the victims financial assistance.

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Media reported about 70 victims of a fire in a high-rise London 17.06.2017

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