Media: DPRK suspended the preparations for nuclear tests

North Korea froze preparations for a new nuclear test. To such conclusion experts of the analytical portal 38 North, after studying pictures from space. They show that the object is gone heavy machinery, and at the site volley net.

North Korea’s nuclear test, on a single polygon, the Pung-ri is translated in standby, reports TASS data analysis portal 38 North, which specializiruetsya on the DPRK.

Experts have examined pictures from space and found that suspended pumping water from the mine, where there can be a nuclear warhead. With the object gone heavy trucks and at the site volley net. Recently there were held volleyball competitions.

Portal analysts suggest that the launch may be made at any time after the instructions of the leadership of the DPRK.

North Korea has carried out five nuclear tests after the UN security Council imposed a wide range of sanctions against Pyongyang.

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Media: DPRK suspended the preparations for nuclear tests 21.04.2017

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