Media: Damascus will not be able to win the civil war

The White house believe that Damascus did not have enough resources to win the civil war — the army is weakening, oil revenues are falling, the infrastructure is destroyed. And even if the government returned the territory that is now controlled by the Kurds and the opposition, to hold them, the Syrian authorities will not be able.

In Washington said that the Syrian government will not be able to win against the opposition in the civil war, writes about this TASS with reference to WP.

Damascus is weakened, it lacks human resources, oil revenues are falling, and the infrastructure is destroyed. The SAR government is heavily dependent on allies.

According to the White house when Damascus will begin an offensive against opposition forces, it will be forced to leave behind weak groups, which will attack the rebels. In Washington I doubt that the authorities will be able to keep the recovered territory.

«The Syrian government is just a shadow of itself,» — said in Washington.

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Media: Damascus will not be able to win the civil war 06.12.2017

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