McDonald’s Europe will pay $ 500 million

The fact that the American company fast food pay taxes for its headquarters in Luxembourg in the amount of 1.49 percent, while had to pay 29.2 percent. It lasted all of 2009. This became known thanks to the investigation of the newspaper The Financial Times, which figured in the case.

The total amount of the fine may be of the order of half a billion dollars. In itself, the McDonalds argue that they have never had a problem with the payment of taxes in the European Union.

A similar fine can wait for another American Corporation Amazon.

Previously it was known about the scandal with Apple, which threatened a fine of 13 billion euros. Company in the basement of the appeal, and at the same time, the US Treasury Department said that it would have negative impact on foreign investment in the European Union.

McDonald’s Europe will pay $ 500 million 19.09.2016

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