Lyudmila Moseyko, was brutally beaten in Moscow

In Moscow, was brutally beaten by the well-known former chief editor of the famous TV show «the View» Lyudmila Moseyko. The woman suffered at the hands of a neighbor who attacked her in the stairwell. It is known that male did not differ appeasable character. Very often his attacks and brute nature suffered the Concierge.

Once again Ludmila heard the insults that were heard from the rude to address workers. She decided to stand up for a woman, for which he paid. The man struck the journalist a few blows to the face and body. The result Moseyko, was hospitalized with multiple injuries: a double fracture of the jaw, nose and temporal bone, and a broken collarbone. The health of the injured now no danger, tended to by her doctors. But the punishment that followed the crime beat Moseyko man, did not suit the public and sparked violent discontent. Reported that he was released under recognizance not to leave.

Lyudmila Moseyko, was brutally beaten in Moscow 23.07.2017

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