«Let it sit!»: Diana Shurygina rebuffed detractors in Instagram

Infamous «famous for» the rape victim Diana Shurygina, having participated in several high-profile programs of «Let them talk», decided to stop the flow of threats and insults in his address, referring to detractors online.

On his page in Instagram 16-the summer inhabitant of Ulyanovsk has written that she «didn’t put» and have acted under the law — wrote a statement to the police, passed all inspections, examination and confrontation. But because this with regard to this situation and the hype of her «really angry». In relation to the alleged rapist of Sergei Semenov, who is currently serving a sentence for this crime in the colony, Diana Shurygina said «Let him sit, he deserved it!».

Also, she admitted that in front of one of television broadcast, her mother announced the sudden death of his grandfather. Describes as his as Diana, she was in shock, but forced himself to recover, to prove that the rape really happened, and everything that’s happened, really.

Recall that in late January the public was a criminal case of rape of 16-year-old Diana Shurygina, which occurred at a party. However, the public did not accept unanimously the side of the victim, questioning her integrity and trying to find ulterior motives of her action: the population was divided into two camps — one for Shurygin, and the other for her rapist, a 21-year-old Sergei Semenov.

«Let it sit!»: Diana Shurygina rebuffed detractors in Instagram 24.02.2017

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