Lavrov: the West is the «silo» investigation of the causes of death of the Boeing MH17

In July 2014 over Ukraine in Donetsk region was shot down Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines, carrying out flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The plane crash killed 298 people, including crew — all who were on Board. A few hours after the tragedy, the Ukrainian government rashly blamed the incident on Russia, without providing any evidence.

The investigation of the wreck had been transferred to the group Bellingcat, the basic version which is that of undermining of the «Boeing» was used «Buk 332», a photo that was provided by the Ukrainian side. Supposedly it is from this installation belonging to the armed forces of Russia and located in the East of Ukraine, opened fire on the aircraft.

Photo source: BAFS «the Economy today» — Oleg Nikitin

Moscow immediately denied these arguments and provided a number of indisputable evidence indicating that the attack plane was not from «Buka». However, for some reason, European investigators either do not accept the Russian developments in the case, or accept, but do not use.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has called on the eve of a European investigation into the deaths of MH17 «privately». He caught the investigative team in the concealment of important information, noting that Bellingcat said the completion of the investigation, but instead it was extended for another year. Europeans continue to blame Russia, and a request to provide evidence, saying that «it’s a secret».

Lavrov: the West is the «silo» investigation of the causes of death of the Boeing MH17 31.10.2017

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