Lavrentiev: in the coming weeks, Syria will be purified from IG

In the coming weeks, Syria will be completely cleared from formations of the forbidden grouping «Islamic state». According to the special envoy of the President of Russia Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, this raises the issue of more active involvement of the Kurds in the post-war arrangement.

In Astana started the next, seventh round of talks on Syria. In the spotlight — the situation in the areas of de-escalation and strengthening of the ceasefire for a further political solution to the crisis. This was reported by «TV Center».

Following the meeting, the participants intend to approve the provision on the working group for the release of hostages and search of missing persons. It is also planned to adopt a joint statement on demining of the territory of the Arab Republic. In this case, as recalled in the Russian delegation, no matter who controlled these areas — government forces or the so-called armed opposition. Living there the population remains a single nation of Syria.

«People are dying from mines, so to provide assistance, I think we need both one and the other side. And not, as now it is done. As you know that European countries have already collected $ 180 million for the restoration and clearance of Raqqa, it is absolutely, so to speak, do not pay attention to such a big city suffering from this problem, as Deir-ez-Zor and Mayadin», — said the special envoy of the President on Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev.
Like the rush of the West to assist only Rakka commented on in Damascus. In the next message to the UN security Council, the Syrian foreign Ministry stressed that the way the international coalition led by the USA tries to hide its own crimes. The city is almost completely destroyed and occupied by allied forces.

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Lavrentiev: in the coming weeks, Syria will be purified from IG 30.10.2017

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