Lausanne session IOC Executive Board concerning the admission of Russia to the Olympics 2018

At this moment in the Swiss city of Lausanne start of the hearing of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the issue of the participation of Russian athletes in the winter Olympics 2018 that will take place in February in South Korea’s Pyeongchang.

Part of the Russian delegation in the Executive Committee meeting attended by the President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Alexander Zhukov, the head of the Independent public anti-doping Commission (PLA), Vitaly Smirnov and two-time world champion in figure skating Evgeny Medvedev.

According to the press service of the ROC in the near future representatives of the Russian delegation will give the opportunity to speak to members of the Executive Committee. It is already known that our delegation will receive a copy of the report of the IOC under the leadership of Samuel Schmid, 20 minutes before the beginning of his speech.

According to sports experts, there are several possible verdicts, today’s IOC Executive Board.

The first option. The Russian national team admitted to Pyeongchang in full, except for a few people, disqualified by the Commission Oswald.This is an unlikely verdict.

The second option. Full disqualification of the national team of Russia. This effectively means the suspension of OCD. Such a verdict, in contrast, is quite real.

Third option. Russian athletes go to the Games in 2018, but under a neutral flag with the ban on national symbols and anthem. This scenario seems the most likely.

The fourth embodiment. The decision on admission of our Olympians shifted to the international Federation of sports. A similar situation has already been tested by the IOC before the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Now, however, the Executive Committee is unlikely to go down the same path because of harsh criticism that hit then on the head of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach, which even his colleagues were accused of «cowardice».

The fifth option. The IOC any decision on of our team today will not accept, postponing it indefinitely. This is possible, but also unlikely.

What option will ultimately stop the members of the IOC Executive Board will in the near future. It is expected that Thomas Bach will announce a decision on the question of admission of our athletes at the Olympic games-2018 21:30 GMT.

Lausanne session IOC Executive Board concerning the admission of Russia to the Olympics 2018 05.12.2017

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