Large Russian cut. On the preparation of Europe to our aggression

You should start with curiosity. Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Latvia, the security Police, released a report on the protection of the country in 2016 — with a forecast for the current year.

The fact that the main threat in the document declared the growing aggression of Russia — funny, somehow already used to.

The funny thing is that thirty-two pages with pictures our country is mentioned in different forms more common than itself Latvia (410 times against all 368). And this despite the complete absence of any actual conflicts, ultimatums, demands and everything else from the Russian side.

In the document, meanwhile, is confident that this year, the situation remains equally tense. Russian Danger and will continue to be the main, in connection with the defense of the Baltic States and measures to counter the Russian force should strengthen. Including financial.

This case is from a remote European province, dear readers, is interesting because it essentially answers the question «why all Europe and America are going crazy about Russian aggression and the need to resist». Because it is a reference example and model of what happens in the rest of the Free World.

The whole thing is this. In reality, the Baltic powerful intelligence Agency, vigorously defending the country from Russian, has a staff of, I think, in a hundred and fifty people. Along with secretaries, bosses and drivers. That is the real possibility of the proud Baltic Republic to counter aggression, «in which case» it is easy to imagine.

If it is difficult to imagine example of a near. In neighboring Lithuania this month in one of the counties passed exercises, the scenario which territory captured «polite people» occupied the police headquarters and other key points. As sadly noted by the organizers, police services simulated the invasion failed completely, and the locals didn’t even react to the appearance everywhere of people in military uniform without insignia.

That is the true cost of all this defense of hysteria which is understandable. Nevertheless, the continuous increase of the appropriations for «protection from the Russians» there.

Why do we consider the Baltic anecdotal case typical? Because the same thing happens in the other States of Europe.

It’s not only about the Baltic States. Poland, for example, in 2014, increasing its defense budget. This month it was reported that over nine billion dollars will be spent on the purchase of patriot missiles in case of a Russian invasion. Each missile is $ 3.5 million. Installation — four million dollars. While the most complex will soon be half a century, and what is its effectiveness against modern Russian weapons only knows epic defense Minister of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz

Increase their defence spending Germany: to date, they have already risen by 2.7 billion Euro, compared to «pre-sanctions», and Chancellor Angela Merkel recently, as we recall, promised to Donald Trump to bring them up to 2% of GDP in the next five years. Special attention is paid to «anti-Russian soft power» and protection from fake Russian news.

Sweden at the end of last / beginning of this year has intensified dramatically, returning just in case the garrison on the island of Gotland in the Baltic sea (about a hundred people) and in March what for rekonstruirovat there are old bunkers built in anticipation of a nuclear war.

And so on. The only exception is Hungary, which has the smallest military budget in Eastern Europe (0,95% of GDP). She, of course, promises to raise to the required NATO level — definitely, years nine. But until it does.

But Hungary, as we recall, the European black sheep, and its Prime Minister Viktor Orban — liberal and «ponimatel Putin.» Largely because cynical is not involved in obschezapadnuyu the Plenum of the Russian Horror.

The trick is that all this injection takes place in parallel with a completely sober assessments.

Swedish officials say that in the case of actual Russian aggression the country will last for about a week. The German Zeit notes that the number of Bundeswehr — the lowest in history, and there are doubts whether he is capable at all. Then at the end of multiple NATO «war games» concludes that the territory of the same Baltic in any way to defend it is pointless — it goes to the «aggressor from the East» by default.

This parallel existence of two universes, of course, has its problems: if it is clear that the Russian aggression can’t be saved, and the evidence of the approaching Russian invasion deplorable lack of, knock the foundations for mastering difficult.

However, in recent years the experts in sweaty struggle with Russia appeared absolutely bulletproof. A kind of magic spell and a universal mantra. And the mantra is this — «hybrid aggression».

For it is no coincidence eagerly embraced everything. From the point of view of the «military-budget PR» is as high-tech projects is Elon musk, who one day will come true, and yet require investment and earn a share placement.

Because it’s one thing to beg for money to counter undetected spies, saboteurs uncaught and imaginary Russian tanks. And another thing — when the concept of «hybrid aggression» can be pulled though «wailing kivin», though tour Gazmanov.

So, in fact, the top theme of defence policy in Europe has become, so to speak, a spiritual struggle against the corrupting influence of the East. It is for her now running out of funds. Under the created group information resistance, tips on hybrid security and all that.

And no one wonders why Russia, who spent twenty years building up their own transit capacity to bypass the Baltic States, suddenly to seize it depopulated and deindustrialisation space with the wild percentage of pensioners. Or to invade Sweden, where there are neither Russian nationals nor Russian fleet. Or in Poland, where soon there will be even Russian graves. Such issues cut picture of the world and therefore in a decent society are not set. Supposed to think «today Crimea, tomorrow Poland» — means, will be and consider.

In reality, the struggle with an imaginary enemy, of course, can only be imagined. Therefore, a significant portion of the funds embossed (not the ones that the «Patriots» and those in the information resistance, Russia) mastered through the punching fat analytical overviews of the Facebook with pictures and infographics (which nobody reads) and the establishment sparkling «Russian media for exposing the Putin regime.» The products last really makes you cry blood. The problem is that it is also no one, except the manufacturers and customized bots, not looking.

But in today’s world, it seems, no longer care about any reality, in addition to the financial.

And this is the rare occasion when an escape from reality rather positive. To paraphrase a famous anecdote: an imaginary Russia, let them oppose as they want. Can even the daily win.

RIA Novosti

Large Russian cut. On the preparation of Europe to our aggression 21.04.2017

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