Label printing: basic features

All labels have two purposes. The first consists in attracting the attention of potential buyers, and second, in communicating to it certain information. The label has the following properties:

  • color printing high quality;
  • bright and clean shades on all images;
  • high-quality halftone image;
  • microvesicle (when you try to repair the labels on the counterfeit it is immediately destroyed);
  • the ability to cause small text, and the microprint.

Given the diversity of technologies used, a huge number of printed products, production nuances, we can say that the label has a significant similarity with the packaging. In fact, packaging is a label that performs an additional function — ensuring the safety of products during storage and transportation.

Currently an integral part of the label printing is digital printing. There are four kinds of printing:

  • flat;
  • high;
  • screen;
  • deep.

Rotogravure printing method is used infrequently. But the most common method is a flat print. This is due to its versatility with respect to the applicable technologies, materials and equipment. This method is used for the manufacture of packaging on cardboard or paper, and labels on regular or metallic paper.

The greatest efficiency of flat printing is achieved with minimum number of processes associated with finishing operations, including painting, cutting, gluing, laminating, stamping etc.

Label printing high quality is ensured through the use of offset sheet machines. Based on the volume of production, it is possible to use full-scale and small-format machines.

Because each product and packaging material needs its own approach, if you are printing labels are taken into account every nuance. In addition, it is important to remember about the specifics of the storage and transportation of goods (that is what made frost and metallic labels).

Subject to the rules of the label turns into the face of the company and increases the demand for its products. Therefore, you should not underestimate its importance. In addition, it helps to protect your items from opening, which is very important at the present time, given the number of flooded market of fakes and fraud. The development of technology leads to invention of new varieties of labels and packaging materials, as well as methods for their production.

Label printing: basic features 24.03.2017

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