Kravchuk: Ukraine is proud that it ruined the USSR

Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk at a press conference on the eve of the Day
of independence of the Republic on Monday said that his country, the USSR collapsed.

can be proud that it is, was, and became, in 1991, a country that
collapse of the Soviet Union, the last Empire, the most terrible»
— leads the TV channel «112 Ukraine» the words of the former head of state.

Kravchuk noted that the agreement on the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the creation of
CIS (the so-called Belavezha accords) is unlikely to be signed if
Ukrainians voted for independence in a referendum in December

In addition, according to the former Ukrainian leader, after 25 years, Kiev is quite distant from
Of Moscow, that helps him to restrain Russia’s ambitions in the bilateral relations and
in the international arena.

Kravchuk also expressed the view that since independence, «Ukraine has taken place». However, he acknowledged that
the country has failed to unite the people, to raise his standard of living to
worthy and to overcome corruption.

Kravchuk: Ukraine is proud that it ruined the USSR 22.08.2016

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