Kosachev: the chance to preserve Donbas as part of Ukraine reduced

The Minsk agreement will be implemented by Ukraine
only after the pressure on Kiev from the West. In an interview with
“Izvestia” said the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs
Konstantin Kosachev.

On the question of the journalist of the Russian policy, whether
to expect implementation of all the Minsk agreements by the end of this year, Kosachev
said that to rely on, but in reality, the implementation of the Minsk
agreements is possible only under one condition.

“If the West and Kiev will be said, that failure
the Minsk agreement in time will lead to sanctions consequences for Ukraine. If
it will break the current modality of the actions of the West, which for any
the failure of the Minsk agreements, the liability shall attach only on Russia.
When Kiev says that at this point your obligations are
here in this term is on such and such date, and after the expiration of this date you
will be under sanctions, then something could theoretically happen. Until then
until that happens, Kiev has a free hand to openly sabotage
the Minsk agreement”, — explained the condition Kosachev.

The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee
commented on the possible “pros” and “cons” for the Kiev authorities in the case
the actual implementation of Minsk-2. According to Kosachev, for Kiev will be
much more minuses.

“For the sake of the restoration of the territorial
integrity will have to give in many ways: to change the Constitution to decentralize
power, in a special way to organize the elections, Amnesty “opponents”.
Cons, so, too. But from the point of view of lifting the sanctions against Russia
of course, for Ukraine are cons and there is no advantage. Therefore, Ukraine
it turns out the weakest link in this design,” — said Kosachev one of
the reasons for the reluctance of Kiev authorities to implement the Minsk agreement.

Kosachev: the chance to preserve Donbas as part of Ukraine reduced 26.07.2016

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