Kiev wants to «teach» the Ukrainians communicate Russian

In an interview with the Kyiv editions by Ukrainian artist Oleg Tistol said that all travel to the territory of the Russian Federation is obviously dangerous for Ukrainians, and citizens should know the risk they are taking, going towards the «aggressor».

Tistol also added that he visited Russia in 2011 (before the crisis), and even then he «do not like». In particular, the artist emphasized, that Russia — «the country is full of injustice,» where «each Russian gets off bullying helpless» (Ukrainians — ed.).

«In fact, the Ukrainians have to undergo a short course of conduct with the Russians,» said Tistol, once again questioning its psychological adequacy. Previously, the artist really made such an absurd anti-Russian statements calling Moscow the «capital of Korea» and accusing Russia in all that is happening in North Korea.

Kiev wants to «teach» the Ukrainians communicate Russian 30.10.2017

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