Kiev pays twice: how Ukraine met the ship with coal from USA

Tonight at South port, located about thirty kilometers from Odessa, an American cargo ship Ocean Ambitious delivered 62 thousand tons of coal from the United States. Its price is two times higher than that of coal from the Donbass, and he’s a quarter more, which Ukraine received from Russia.

Warm greetings from the USA

«It should be noted that this contract is important from the point of view of development of Ukrainian-American trade relations, and, above all, it is another step towards diversification of supply of energy resources. Ukraine gets access to reliable and transparent source of supply of coal from the United States,» said after the release of the ship from Baltimore the Ambassador of Ukraine in the United States Valeriy Chaly.

But met the ship, albeit virtual, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. «I welcome the first American charcoal in Ukraine, have been delivered in accordance with my agreement with President trump» — happily he wrote at himself on the page on Facebook.

On the eve of the arrival of a vessel from the U.S. port South, talking to residents of Odessa.

«Yes, with hot water in my town is bad. Given on the schedule, with breaks, and it is a cold season, — says the marketer Yuriy Vishnevetskiy. — This summer almost all the time were without hot water. In principle, people are already used to it, install boilers, warm water in them. But, on the other hand, dramatically increases the cost of electricity».

On the average, as told to me in Odessa, and then confirmed in Kiev (where, for example, in the area Troyeshchyna almost all summer there was no hot water), the average cost of utilities for a one bedroom apartment is 2800 UAH per month. It is at 3200 UAH minimal wage established by the Cabinet of Ministers. By and large, many in Ukraine are forced to choose between paying the utilities and buying food and medicine.

The price for hot water and heating were installed last year, when coal came from the Donbass, and then from Russia.

«For us, the arrival of «American» coal may be the only salvation for next winter. That’s what we brought! Earlier, we in Ukraine are coal supplied abroad, and now we buy far away,» says George, another inhabitant of Odessa.

Political tax for the population

«This coal is about half as much, which you can buy in Russia approximately twice more expensive than that you can buy in the Donbass. It is clear that the basis for criminal prosecution of those who entered into the contract, — from the President Poroshenko and to all who put their signatures,» — said the Director of the Kiev Center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

A little comparative arithmetic: coal from the Donbass have cost Kiev about $ 45-50 per ton, Russian coal is $ 80, Americans Ukraine will have to pay 117 dollars per ton.

«The ultimate goal of raising prices was not an upgrading of domestic thermal power stations, and easy creation of additional financial flows that can be directed in the right direction,» — said the head of «Kyiv regional energy Association», Alexander Trohimets.

In other words, the increase in prices for the main Ukrainian government is not economic expediency, but a kind of political tax that has to pay people.

«Donald trump is first and foremost a businessman, and therefore even in politics he comes to the solution of many problems from the perspective of business, — the known Ukrainian political analyst Kost Bondarenko. So he makes all of US partners to pay something for their patronage. For example, a number of European countries, he was obliged to make large amounts of money for their membership in NATO. And Ukraine is paying the price for American patronage with the purchase of expensive charcoal.»

It turns out that the miners of Pennsylvania are reaping the benefits of anti-Russian policy of Poroshenko — in the form of salaries and profits derived from the sale of coal, which today entered the port of South.

RIA Novosti

Kiev pays twice: how Ukraine met the ship with coal from USA 14.09.2017

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