Kiev faces a prison term of Scooter concert in Crimea

German band Scooter could face up to eight years in prison for a concert at the festival in a Balaclava. This German media said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. According to Ukrainian laws, the concerts in the Crimea are only Ukrainian company, and the entrance to the Peninsula without permission.

Ukraine threatened the German band Scooter in prison for a speech in Crimea, reported by the newspaper Bild, citing the Prosecutor General of the country, Eugenia Enina.

According to Ukrainian laws, concert activity in Crimea can only lead the Ukrainian company. The musicians could face one to eight years of imprisonment. Also denied entry to the Peninsula without special permission of Kiev.

The decision was criticised by MEP Rebecca harms. She said that the musicians act irresponsibly, not paying attention to the fact that Crimea is illegally occupied by Russia.

«Speak only in the interests of their own fans absolutely will not do,» concluded the MEP.

Commenting on the situation unleashed frontman H. P. Baxter said that will not allow to involve their creativity in politics. He noted that the group only acts for their fans.

On 4 August the band plans to perform in Balaklava at the festival #ZBFest, dedicated to the International day of champagne.

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Kiev faces a prison term of Scooter concert in Crimea 17.06.2017

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