Keratin for hair: myths and reality

However, opinions about this method of «treatment» of hair are very different, try to understand why.

Keratin, what is it?

Human hair is almost 90% protein, or in other words, protein. As keratin is one of its varieties, is produced by our body. But it should be understood that the form of the protein, produced by industry, significantly different from the natural.

Choosing a cosmetic containing «building material» for the hair, pay special attention to the study of its composition, for example the official website of GKhair contains all the necessary information on the composition of their products. One type of protein, whether it’s a keratin or collagen should not be listed at the end of the list, and somewhere in the middle. In addition, protein should be hydrolyzed, it will allow him to get into the trunk of the hair, not just cover it outside.

It is also important to know that, despite the enormous popularity of the keratin cosmetics, it is not suitable for everyone. For example, fine hair means excess protein will only weight. Yes, and curls having a satisfactory condition, this series of cosmetics is not suitable, as it will cause a glut of hair protein, which will lead to dryness and breakage.

Features keratin straightening?

To start I would like to go back to basics of this procedure. And it was designed 11 years ago, an unknown Brazilian laboratory. The gist of it was to carefully straighten your hair and fix him in this state. And the most difficult was to fix, as the hair itself was necessary to insert a «prosthesis» that would support it from the inside. And what could better cope with this task than keratin?

To date, variations of keratin straightening there are many is and treatment, and prosthetics, and blowout. Although in fact it is all the same with little variation components. Initially this procedure was intended for African-American and Asian women with hard, unruly hair. But gradually it began to be used by all.

How to choose a good master?

It is no secret that the professionalism of the master determines the effect of any procedure. Therefore, deciding on keratin hair straightening, choose a specialist:

  • trained by the supplier keratin cosmetics;
  • making the procedure only on hard, thick and normal hair;
  • working with products of high quality and have proven composition;
  • knowing the basic tips for hair care after the procedure.

Keratin for hair: myths and reality 31.10.2017

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