KAMAZ will go on «six»

KAMAZ equipment is installed for the production of the new engines, according to rostec (Russia’s largest automobile company is a subsidiary). In June, the new facilities of the engine Plant will be collected ten prototypes of the new engines P6.

The construction of the engine Plant of the PJSC «KAMAZ» for the Assembly line radnoy «six» was the name of the project «Tibet», reported corporate edition Vestikamaza.ru. This new diesel engines environmental standards «Euro-5 and Euro-6».

Previously portal of the Wheel.ru wrote that the project «Tibet» for the new hardware and lines, released 25 thousand square meters of plant area, displacing the Assembly of KAMAZ classic V8 engine. But its not just pushed to the side. The update will also affect the production of these motors.

On the line of the cylinder head is already installed six machining centres and commissioning works. Began assembling tables for feeding of parts in the area of pipeline and installation of satellites for transportation of the engine on the line.


In the first stage of the pipeline is planned to install about 30 satellites of nodes on which the blocks during the sequential operations grows with new parts and ready engines, otpravlyayas then to a test station. «With an increase in capacity to 30 thousand engines, the number will increase,» says the chief technologist of the project «Tibet» Vladimir Barinov.

Already commissioned Zeiss measuring machine to control the parameters of the cylinder head. All the procedures will be computer-monitored data in real mode are displayed on several screens, and then flock to a single server.

In addition, for each part of the new engine will be installed their equipment in-process and final inspection. It is the system Q-DAS, which can, for example, to inform about the need to set up the cutting tool or machine.

With the expansion of production involved foreign firms. Experts of the firm Heller already engaged in quality control of manufacturing floors and basements. For commissioning, the plant will arrive specialists of the company Thyssen Krause.

— The event is quite important and significant, — says the editor of «the Expert-the Car» Alexey Grammatchikov. KAMAZ begins to produce new engines under the name R6 (inline-six) that are much better and more modern than the old motors. For example, a resource the new unit is 1.5 million km, which is 1.5 — 3 times more than the current engines, including Mercedes, which are mounted on KAMAZ trucks now. Also, the new motor is more environmentally friendly and more affordable.

At full capacity, says Alexei Grammatchikov, production of new motors is expected to launch in 2019. The new engines, he says, will make KAMAZ products even more competitive, modern and relevant.

KAMAZ will go on «six» 13.05.2017

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