Kadyrov decided to expel from Chechnya the families of terrorists

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that the families of people convicted of terrorism, will move out from the region. According to him, the relatives of the militants involved that receive pensions and benefits and help their relatives «to kill us.»

The families of terrorists will be evicted from Chechnya, said the head of the region Ramzan Kadyrov, reports TASS.

«If they have a son or brother out on the path of terrorism, if the family helps them: sit at home unemployed receive pensions, allowances, covering his son or brother, helping them to kill us — these people we will be evicted. It accomplices of terrorism», — said Kadyrov in an interview to Russia Today.

According to him, the authorities of the Republic will pay special attention to the education of youth, and also will toughen the fight against terrorists.

In addition, the head of Chechnya, spoke on the theme of traditional Russian marriage registrations in the registry office. In his opinion, such a practice leads to the destruction of the family, reports «Interfax». «I think generally the Registrar is disbelief. As soon as they signed the paper, they destroy the family. This distrust between husband and wife, I am generally against this. It is my belief,» he said. However, the head of Chechnya said that the region was no polygamist.

In November 2015, Kadyrov said that Chechnya is not a single square meter of land for those who joined the ranks of the banned terrorist organization «Islamic state», and now wants to return back to the Republic. Then he said that militants are responsible their parents and relatives.

In addition, Kadyrov declared the necessity of introducing in Russia the death penalty for terrorists. According to him, such a measure need not to keep them in prisons.

Kadyrov decided to expel from Chechnya the families of terrorists 21.04.2017

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