It became known, what will the Russian naval base in Tartus

The Russian defense Ministry has announced plans to place Syrian Tartus their naval base on an ongoing basis.


Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov during a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs said that Russia plans to place in the Syrian Tartus their naval base.

According to experts and parliamentarians, a Russian naval base, which will be located on the territory of Syria on an ongoing basis, will include the system of air and ASW.

We are talking about the fact that warships of the Navy of Russia will be protected by the latest missile defence With-300 and With-400 «Triumph».

To date, the Syrian Tartus is the point of logistics of military ships of the Russian Navy and is the only reference point of the Russian Ministry established in 1977.

In addition, the maintenance of military ships engaged exclusively by civilian personnel.

As previously reported IA «National news», «Military expert: military-sea base of Russia in Tartus will not allow US «to put the region into the dressing»».

«The ratification documents Tartus is a logical decision after the recent approval of the base in Hamima. Both bases will aim to stabilize the situation in the far East, in particular, to combat the many terrorist organizations»,– the expert said in his interview with the news Agency «National news».

Last week, the defense Ministry said that the Syrian side received a battery of anti-aircraft missile system s-300 is designed with air protect naval base in Syrian Tartus.

Among other things, at the moment the s-400 in Syria continue to bear the duty on the territory of that state.

It became known, what will the Russian naval base in Tartus 10.10.2016

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