Israel has Syria on the strength

Syrian air defenses repelled a third over the last few days, a missile attack from Israel.

Israeli air force planes on 4 December attacked the airbase Doumeira East of Damascus, was heavily damaged or destroyed radar installation. Following the airstrike followed on the night of 5 December. Its purpose was owned by a Syrian army research center in the Northwest suburbs of Damascus, Jerie. However, three of the six issued by Israeli missiles destroyed a Syrian air defense.

On 2 December, Israel has attacked Syrian territory. The target was a military facility in the locality of Kiswa South of Damascus, where based Union of Syrian Iranian military. While four rockets were intercepted by air defense. A month and a half ago, on October 16, Israeli aircraft of Lebanese airspace struck the battery of Syrian anti-aircraft missile systems s-200 in the province of Damascus.

Netanyahu scares the world «Iranian threat»

Israel’s actions, no doubt, are military aggression against the sovereign Syrian state. However, both countries continue to be in a state of war, which has permanent character since the seizure by Israel of the Golan heights in the six day war of 1967. In addition, tel Aviv is very concerned about the emergence in Syria of Iranian military bases. «The Iranian threat» is the cornerstone of the policy of the Israeli leadership since the 1990-ies. So, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly compared Iran as much with Nazi Germany. The Iranians in debt does not remain. And the former President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the current Hassan Rouhani stated his desire to end the Israeli state.

The stabilization of the situation in Syria in the event of final victory in the civil war, Iranian-backed Bashar al-Assad in Israel is regarded as a direct threat to its security. Therefore, tel Aviv, under various pretexts, sought to introduce an element of destabilization in Syria’s internal conflict. This destabilizing element is in the support of various radical Islamist groups fighting against Damascus, and in the application of point air strikes on Syrian military targets in Israel’s neighboring provinces of Syria. While in Israel often justifies its actions by the presence in Syria of the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah, also closely aligned with Tehran and advocates the elimination of Israel as such.

Why Israel needs ISIS?

By the way, pedaling in Israel the topic of «the Iranian threat» and strikes against the Syrian military and Hezbollah automatically puts tel Aviv in number if not direct, then indirect allies of the banned terrorist organization «Islamic state» (ISIS). It is interesting that ISIS, being a radical Islamist group that declared its enemies of all non-Muslims and «wrong», in their opinion, Shia Muslims and all supporters of traditional Islam, very complementary refers to Israel and not taken in relation to him no hostile actions.

As noted by military expert Vladislav Shurigin, UN observers in may 2013 recorded contacts between representatives of the IDF and operating inside Syria the ISIL militants disguised as humanitarian action. Even if you ignore the conspiracy theories of the creation, financing and material support of ISIS, it is obvious that Israel is using the existence in the middle East, this group for political purposes.

As Russia put an end to the expansionist ambitions of Israel

In addition, the political elite of Israel, obviously, continues to dream of the idea of «greater Israel» or «the promised land» – the alleged territory of the United Kingdom of Israel the times of the old Testament kings David and Solomon. Modern political boundaries of «greater Israel» includes, in addition to the state of Israel, the Egyptian part of the Sinai Peninsula, Lebanon, Jordan, most of Syria and a significant portion of Iraq. When after the Second world war, the UN resolved the question of the establishment in Palestine of Jewish and Arab independent States, the proposed distinction did not suit any of the parties, which resulted in all the subsequent military conflicts in which Israel not only defended their independence, but also expanded its territory.

The seemingly inevitable collapse of Syria in the event of the overthrow of Assad gave Israel the opportunity to grab a deal and to move from the Golan heights into Syrian territory. However, the support of Damascus from Russia and the liberation of a large part of the territory of Syria from ISIL and other Islamist groups has put an end to these plans of Israel.

I should add that at the moment Israel takes no part in the process of the Syrian settlement, which subsequently reduces its influence in the region, where at the same time dramatically strengthened the position of the hostile tel Aviv to Tehran. All this makes Netanyahu’s Cabinet anyway to remind myself of provocative air strikes on military targets in Syria, but at the same time hard to maintain political contacts with Moscow, which demonstrates the relative neutrality, to put it mildly, extremely difficult relations between tel Aviv, Damascus and Tehran. Therefore, in this situation, the speech about full-scale military conflict involving Israel is not. Too great a risk that may cause too serious consequences. And all parties understand this.


Israel has Syria on the strength 06.12.2017

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