ISIS and «Jebal an-Nusra» fall under the blows of the Russian space forces and the Syrian forces

Today, September 13, in the media appeared information that terrorists «Islamic state» trying to escape to Turkey. It is noted that the ISIS militants want to get away from the terrorist organization «dzhebhat an-Nusra*».

Edition of the FAN with reference to «al-Masdar» reports that hundreds of radicals of ISIS in a hurry to leave Idlib to go to Turkey. We know that this escape is with the help of smugglers, are just 2 of the thousands of dollars help to cross the border of the two States. It should be noted that «Jabhat al-Nusra» has long been in control of areas of Idlib province, however, only in recent time, the militants started to destroy the representatives of the «Islamic state».

We emphasize that this is not the only case where the terrorists are trying to escape or withdraw from the organization. Recently, from the «dzhebhat an-Nusra have released five groups. At this step, they went after the Alliance left the Supreme mufti Abdullah Muhammad al-Mohaisany. He noted that his disappointing internecine clashes. It is noteworthy that the terrorist organization began to disintegrate and to sort things out only after Syrian forces with the support of the Russian space forces have begun to move in a strategically important objects. This suggests that the radicals currently starting to panic and realize that sometimes it’s easier to surrender than to die under the blows of Russian aviation.

In this regard, reporters iReactor contacted the candidate of historical Sciences Maxim by Madavaram and asked him why the terrorists surrender their positions without a fight.

«Partly because of the holistic defense of ISIS on the frontline in the desert are no longer there to defend fragmented does not make sense. The extent to which the US contribute to the evacuation of the remnants of ISIS from the area towards El Madina with the purpose to prevent the occupation of the left Bank of the Syrian army, is reliably known today. Many things will become clear in the coming days when there will be a meeting of the Syrian army and the Kurdish forces — and it seems that it occurs on the left Bank of the Euphrates, just opposite deyr-ez-Zor».

* – An organization banned in Russia by the Supreme court.

ISIS and «Jebal an-Nusra» fall under the blows of the Russian space forces and the Syrian forces 13.09.2017

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