Ishchenko: Ukraine coal will be the same as with «Gazprom» gas

President of the Center for system analysis Rostislav Ishchenko took part in the filming of the program «Evening with Vladimir Solovyov». The analyst spoke about how Ukraine will buy the corner and the Donbass.

Rostislav Ishchenko: now, when they blocked, meaning paying money in the Ukrainian budget lost. Because all the same products through Ukraine to sell more impossible. Ukraine was a precedent when she began to buy Gazprom’s gas, as the Slovak, Hungarian and Polish. And in order to give his Slovak, Hungarian and Polish she just paid for it a few tens, even a hundred and fifty dollars per thousand cubic meters. The same thing will happen with Donetsk coal, Ukraine will buy it and already bought, like the Australian, South African, whatever. To pay for it will be more expensive, and coal on the documents will come to them through the port or through Kharkov, where nothing is blocked. For example, from Belgorod to Kharkov, I know this road is not blocked.

Ishchenko: Ukraine coal will be the same as with «Gazprom» gas 02.03.2017

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