Ishchenko about the disastrous impact on the Sirat: «Tomahawk» is an antiquated crossbow

Head of system analysis, the analyst Rostislav Ishchenko commented on American missile attack on Syria caused the United States Navy at the beginning of April.

«There are two facts. First: the Americans announced that they have launched 59 «Tomahawk», and the second: the General staff of Russia said that he had flown 23 and they came not where he was aiming. No one refused these figures. Then there are two basic choices – we can consider a heap of other unlikely hypotheses – two main options: either they are shot down, whether their means of radar suppression, not to steal, whether the Americans have missiles of such trash that will not fly.

What we, by and large, the difference is: hit them, or the missiles just fly badly. Can you imagine what the Navy of a superpower that threatened all those «Tomahawks», all scared and constantly showed how they fly out the window. A volley, and that volley only 30% of the missiles coming in, but not out the window, and in the football field. It at least means that the superpower has lost one of its major weapons systems. And this weapon not only for naval forces, this complex of weapons and air force. Moreover, they are now trying to tailor it to the ground.

This especially looks good on the background of «Caliber», which flew farther and hit more accurately. And since you know who they enemy. When we compare the volley «Caliber» and a volley of «Tomahawk», it turns out that they came with outdated crossbow, at least, against modern machine guns to fight. Accordingly, in any case they must be very unpleasant.»

Ishchenko about the disastrous impact on the Sirat: «Tomahawk» is an antiquated crossbow 20.04.2017

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