Is it possible the settlement of the conflict in Syria?

A lot has already sounded skeptical reviews
on the prospects of Russian-American cooperation in Syria. Analytical
the community is finding prospects for joint opposition to terrorism in Syria
very slim, and it’s mostly ideological
contradictions – we just support different warring
force in the country.

Of particular relevance this topic has acquired in connection with
the recent almost twelve-hour session of talks between John Kerry and Sergei
, during which, reportedly, the parties were able to reach a large
progress, despite the fact that no specifics on technical issues
cooperation of Russian and American coalitions were achieved.

The talks presented a wide
the public as a significant leap forward on the issue of the Russian-American
cooperation in Syria. Moreover, after the meeting it was announced that
the expert group in the near future will coordinate all technical issues
then we can talk about very specific plans for joint
action in Syria. However, all, of course, not as good and smooth as can
to seem at first glance.

The fact that the idea of a joint Russian-American
attacks on the forces of terrorists is not new. In may this year the Minister of defence
Of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu said about the need
in cooperation with the US action in Syria in the field of counter terrorism. However, in
that time, unlike the previous one, even called the exact date when the alleged
was to take place Russian-the American attack on the forces of «al-Nusra Dzhebhat»* –
May 25. And nothing happened.

The only thing that can be noted after the failure of the «may agreement,» confronting terrorism in Syria has become even more the object of ideological and propaganda struggle. Now, under the circumstances, Kerry and Lavrov talks presented to the international community as a major breakthrough, despite the fact that, in fact, any specific result, unfortunately, the results of the meeting were achieved. Was just again expressed by the abstract wishes of constructive engagement.

I in any case don’t blame Sergei Lavrov, considering
what «material» he has to work. From him and all
the foreign Ministry is already half a year waiting for the results in the form
specific agreements, however, our overseas colleagues are not only not
contribute to the achievement of positive results in the negotiation process, but,
if you call a spade a spade, frankly tighten it, while imitating
his deep interest in solving the Syrian issue.

In principle, nothing complicated
cooperation between the two coalitions is not, and, moreover, there is no doubt that if
the American side really would be interested in cooperation,
then it would take not more than a month to fully coordinate and
to coordinate the joint forces air strikes on terrorists in the region. However
here lies the key problem – who is the terrorists who bomb, whose
forces to strike?!

The blows of the Russian VKS is due to the strategy of the General staff
the Syrian government army. They come and spend cleaning the area, while our air force is providing the necessary support
air is all clear. Americans, the opposite is true: they do
approximately the same thing (but far less ambitious and effectively as shows
practice), their only ally is the so – called mythical «moderate» opposition
which often virtually indistinguishable from terrorists.

The fact that Washington, and to this day refused
from its uncompromising position on the question of the role of Bashar al-Assad in Syria after
the end of the war. American partners insist that Assad must
to disappear from the Syrian political field and never return,
Russia firmly declares that now the legitimate President of the SAR as
at least be on equal terms to participate in the election of the President of Syria, after
the end of the war.

In this lies the essence of our ideological
confrontation. Americans never would support, directly or indirectly,
the onset of the government of the army cap, as it is a means to fight directly
against those whom they supported earlier. To this conclusion I come to
the fact that Washington is still very vaguely outlined a list of their
allies in Syria and most of them are rather closely with
terrorists, and this, in turn, simply makes it difficult to identify them
military facilities.

In conclusion it should be said that, while Washington and
Moscow do not agree on the political future of Syria, the likelihood
the fact that the so-called anti-terrorist coalition will be effectively
to interact, is extremely small. Likely to be indicative
a joint operation and air strikes, but no more.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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Is it possible the settlement of the conflict in Syria? 06.09.2016

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