Investigators will check the legality of obtaining citizenship brothers Azimovym

The customer of act of terrorism at the St. Petersburg metro is installed, said the FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov. The investigation is ongoing. Basmanny court of Moscow arrested the tenth defendant in the case about the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg, on the eve of a detainee Akram Asimov. At the same time, in the Tver security officers have stopped activity of criminal group which participants for a long time illegally put on the account of migrants with fake documents.

From paddy wagons pulling up to the back door of the Basmanny court, he came out, head bowed. Inside, the courtroom, the reporters ‘ questions ignored, said «TV Center». Already in the dock Akram Asimov said he was not involved in the attack. Protection said he did not know that his actions are connected with the attack in the St. Petersburg metro. According to the investigator, the defendant confirmed during the interrogation: he and his brother Abror Azimov still committed acts that contributed to the explosion. The court’s decision, the suspect was listening calmly, as if resignedly, not looking up.

«To elect him to the suspect the measure of restraint in form of detention for 1 month 14 days, i.e. until June 3, 2017,» announced the judge.

The man in the hallway in tears the father of the brothers Asimovich. He asked the audience at least something to help, then attacked police officers with abuse. Later, on the street, he said that the guilt of their children believes.

«My sons are not to blame, they’d never do that, they know that killing other people is generally,» said Oral Asimov.

According to the materials of the case, Akram Asimov accused of contacts with the bomber by Jalilova that he transferred money to the terrorist attack. Received funds from an active participant of the international terrorist organization. In addition, Asimov was engaged in falsification of documents to members of this organization were free to move to Russia. In particular, in connection with this investigation remains to be seen whether legally the brothers Asimov received Russian citizenship. To those who are now informally engaged in the legalization of migration, the country is a tough fight.

A joint special operation conducted by the FSB and Asgardia in Tver. According to security officials, there were active the whole gang. Illegally put on the account and employed foreigners who came to Russia to work. As evidence — the lists of hundreds of illegal immigrants with the names, dates of birth, numbers and series of passports. Citizens Of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. Here the immigration card on which the stamps and signatures. It seems to be genuine, but these data often – no.

«Thus, Russia can enter persons wanted for committing crimes, representatives of international terrorist organizations that further promote religious extremist ideology, involvement in terrorist activities of Russian citizens», — noted in a press-service of the Ministry.

According to the detected operative documents, illegal immigrants are fictitiously registered in special hostels on the securities could live more than a thousand people.

A similar situation in a small apartment on the outskirts of Moscow. Here another gang did the same. A similar pattern – at least hundreds of passports, fake immigration card printing. And fake forms of driver’s licenses, medical records, diplomas, patents for labor activity.

«According to operational information, the organizer of the group personally and through its agents has engaged in search of clients among the citizens of the Central Asian region at the stations of Moscow and carried out production of the documents necessary for legalization of stay of migrants in Russia, as well as the opportunity to carry out their labour activity», — said» — said the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

A criminal case under article «Organization of illegal migration».

Olga Oksenich, «TV Center»

Investigators will check the legality of obtaining citizenship brothers Azimovym 21.04.2017

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