Investigators found the body of his adopted son, the kidnappers Rostov boy

Wife of Paul from Volgograd, who abducted three-year old boy in the Rostov region, admitted that this was buried secretly adopted son. On questioning, the parents stated that he got sick and died. But investigators have reason to believe that Paul killed the child by negligence. And in order not to lose benefits, and not reported the death neither the police nor social services. Moreover, Paul decided to steal like a child and passing it off as their own.

The child always sleeps. And at home in the crib, and on the street — at the hands of his father. Looks like a defensive reaction. He was kidnapped, leaving no relatives, for 40 hours. Relatives did not even realize what happened, reports «TV Center». Grandma also didn’t know that could happen. While walking with her children sprayed in the face with a gas canister. When he came to, refused to believe that his beloved grandson was gone.

«Nothing was out of mind, only fear. There’s no baby! Grandson no! That’s all. Worried, prayed and waited for news,» says Love Savitskaya.

Kidnapped child looking for all the world — police, villagers, volunteers. Found. Alive and well. The purpose of the kidnapping turned out to be monstrous — the boy just looks like someone killed their own parents.

«The kidnappers of the baby is delivered to Rostov region. They were 48-year-old wife, living in the Volgograd region. They are questioned as suspects. Currently the question on election of a measure of restraint in form of detention», — said acting senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SK across the Rostov region on interaction with mass-media Anna Borziak.

Any question — no answer. The defendant is silent. And this is for good reason. The couple suspected of kidnapping, now charged with the murder of one of their own children.

«During interrogation, the foster mother admitted that she buried the infant adopted son, who died last fall due to illness. Like it or not, remains to be seen with the investigators,» — said senior assistant SU TFR in the Volgograd region Natalia kunitskaya.

«In the course of investigative and operational search activities, the investigation team managed to find and remove the remains of the child. In the shortest time will be assigned all necessary forensic examination. Professionals will have to establish the true cause of the child’s death and the circumstances preceding his death,» — said the official representative of SKR Svetlana Petrenko.

At the moment it is known that the kidnappers on education were five minor children, four of whom are adopted. One of them disappeared without a trace in September 2016. According to one version, his to death scalded with boiling water. On the other, he sat himself four-year-old in the sandbox, after which it was never seen again. The guardians all this time no one spoke, the boy was not looking. But received properly due to a foster child payments. As soon as they began to suspect the worst, decided to rectify the situation, stole like the baby in the Rostov region. Which immediately began to look for all the world.

Olga Strel’tsova, «TV Center».

Investigators found the body of his adopted son, the kidnappers Rostov boy 11.05.2017

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