Increased the deficit and spending, and GDP

The government at its meeting on Thursday approved amendments to the current budget in 2016. The forecast deficit downgraded to 3.66% of GDP, in nominal terms, from minus 2.3 to minus 3 trillion rubles.
But improved estimation of GDP 2016: 78,673 trillion to 82,815 trillion Inflation is expected to be 5.8% instead of the expected 6.4 percent.

It is important to note the growth of expenditure compared with the budget law: more than RUB 300 bn. up to 16.4 trillion, with the decline in revenue of 370 billion rubles to the 13.3 trillion rubles.

In the draft amendments incorporated and an increase in domestic borrowing with 300 billion rubles to 500 billion rubles, reports TASS.

At the next meeting on 13 October, the government will
to consider the draft three-year budget. Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of economic development laid him in the oil price at 40 USD per barrel.

Increased the deficit and spending, and GDP 06.10.2016

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