In Zvenigorod physician of the mental hospital was fired for beating patient

Investigators are checking the facts about the beating of patients in Zvenigorodsky mental hospital. The video, as the chief of Department Pavel Trofimenko dragged a patient by the hair, hit the Internet, and only after that about the methods of treatment in the pre-emption became known.

It is now in a psychoneurological boarding school of Zvenigorod everywhere caring nurses, and patients stately resting in a chair and even seem to smile, enjoying the atmosphere, which is suddenly so cozy. Hard to believe that a few days ago here were mocking sick people, said «TV Center». But the footage shows how the doctor comes to the house, like the warden in a prison cell. Without further ADO strips the blanket from defenseless Vitali. He falls to the floor, resisting, but the force is clearly not equal. However, even a victory in an unequal battle, the doctor does not stop. And proceeds to assault in the eyes of their colleagues and other patients. Perhaps it would be concealed in the walls of the institution, if not scandalous video hit the Internet.

«We have been caused by the police, interviewed with our victims — the recipients of social services and witnesses of the incident. Brought to their notice was the information that the doctor removed that an official investigation is conducted, the results of which psychiatrist, who allowed himself such a thing, was fired», — said the Director of a psychoneurological boarding school, Zvenigorod Maria Litvinova.

Now Vitaly has already recovered from the shock and calmly walks through the corridors. He is 27, he is an orphan. In the boarding school came from the orphanage. Remember — that day wasn’t feeling well, decided to stay in the house and not to go into the dining room. Psychiatrist Pavel Trofimenko — is he making fun of Vitali — so I decided to Wake the guy. Judging by the calm demeanor, the hands of the doctor dismisses not the first time. How often patients had to endure the violence, it now checks the Investigative Committee.

«In the framework of the check the investigators of the Investigative Committee will give a comprehensive assessment of the actions of employees of a boarding school, the degree, severity and nature of harm caused by living in boarding parties. By results of check will be a procedural decision», — has told the senior assistant to the head of the Main investigative Department of the investigative Committee of Moscow region Elena Fokina.

The thing about bullying is likely to become a criminal. Their examination has already begun and the regional Ministry of social development and Public chamber of the Moscow region. Just to understand that it is in the testimony of patients of a psychoneurological boarding school turns out to be true, will not be easy. Before their stories are just not believed, considering that this is a side effect of severe diagnoses.

Boris Ivanin, Artem Rasskaziki. «TV Center».

In Zvenigorod physician of the mental hospital was fired for beating patient 20.05.2017

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