In Venezuela armored car crushed to death party protests

In Venezuela, protests continue. Yesterday during rallies has killed one person — a medical student who assisted the protesters, was hit by an armored car.

In Venezuela during the clashes of protesters and police injured more than 50 people. According to the authorities, all the wounded were urgently admitted to the local hospital. This was reported by «TV Center».

In the capital Caracas on the streets there were barricades. In the city centre the national guard used tear gas against the demonstrators. The security forces didn’t allow the crowd to approach the building of the interior Ministry, where protesters gathered demand to stop the dispersal of shares.

Earlier in the city of Maracaibo was killed 24-year-old student. They assisted the protesters affected by the sprayed gas when he drove an armored car.

Anti-government demonstrations in Venezuela have continued unabated for more than a month. During the riots killed 46 protesters, over a thousand injured.

In Venezuela armored car crushed to death party protests 19.05.2017

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