In Turkey, after the attempted coup lost 14 warships

In Turkey after the coup attempt not to get in touch with the command of 14 ships of the Navy. As the Times writes, before the coup, these ships were at sea and served, it is possible that their commanders participated in the conspiracy.

In addition, the still unknown fate of commander of the Navy, he also can not contact. According to the media, he can be held hostage by the coup or were on their side, reports «TV Center».

The attempted coup in Turkey was taken on the evening of 15 July. The Turkish military announced the seizure of power in the country. Immediately after this, the rebels imposed martial law and a curfew. Skirmishes between the military who supported the rebels, and gendarmes took place on the streets of Ankara, Istanbul and several other cities.

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In Turkey, after the attempted coup lost 14 warships 20.07.2016

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