In the UK, the drones kill 10 people daily

Western media reported that the UK police have estimated the number of deaths due to drones. It is found that for 2016, drones have killed 3 340 people. On an average day from drones killed about 10 people.

It is known that a significant part of the incidents – accidents due to careless handling of drones. Recently, however, increased the number of hooligan actions with the help of drones. Regular law enforcement agencies treat citizens who provoke their neighbors.

According to statistics, the popularity of buying drones is only growing, in particular use of low-cost devices with a camera. The police revealed that the attackers used a drone to attack other people and causing harm. In addition, often with the help of drones committed theft and smuggling of prohibited substances.

In the UK, the drones kill 10 people daily 21.04.2017

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