In the Tretyakov gallery, presented the famous «Letatlin»

In the Tretyakov gallery on Krymsky Val introduced the famous «Letatlin». This non-powered aircraft, which nearly a century ago was designed by artist Vladimir Tatlin.

A free flight. Incredible wingspan. What is it? The bird, an unidentified flying object? The legendary … flapping approach! And its author is well known — the star of Russian avant-garde Vladimir Tatlin. In the late twenties — early thirties of the last century whole world of Aeronautics was just sick. And Tatlin offered his own version of the dream reports «TV Center».

He studied anatomy, seriously. And because the tests were supposed to be serious. But the first test showed that this is a dangerous story and more of them was not» — said the chief curator of the Tretyakov gallery Tatyana gorodkova.

The entire aircraft was three. There is one. And his destiny — as the thrilling detective. After Tatlin’s death in 1953, the parsed elements mahalla went to the Central house of aviation. In 1977 it was renovated for the first time appeared on the show. He was actively shown in the nineties. And not only in Russia but also abroad. And just when shipping from Greece … flapping approach was heavily damaged. And in the middle of the two thousandth, he had to undergo a fire at the Armed forces Museum in Monino.

«The wing was flooded with water. The metal, which was stretched the fabric, was also flooded, rusted, and this rust actually ate the fabric is stitched. That is, did it in a very difficult position and with a badly broken ribs,» — said General Director of the Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova.

To bring to life a giant exhibit in the Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean shaft even temporarily shut down one of the halls. The restoration was complicated. … Flapping approach created because of wood, metal, leather, fabric, and experts drew different.

… Flapping approach almost 80 percent of the tree, and one of the most difficult tasks was to reinforce his original wings. Picked up the solid material and carefully placed it inside.

And if from the point of view of physics, this non-motorized design is absolutely hopeless and will never fly, as an artistic realization of a dream is just a masterpiece.

Now it is a Museum exhibit of the Armed forces. But for the life of his returned master of the Tretyakov gallery, hover in the halls on Krymsky Val … flapping approach will be the entire year. However, further museums intend to continue the relationship — especially because design is fragile, requires constant supervision.

Julia Lagomarsino, Vladislav Podemski, «TV Center».

In the Tretyakov gallery, presented the famous «Letatlin» 07.12.2017

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