In the Irkutsk region, police rescued from the fire 15 people

In the Irkutsk region, police rescued from the fire 15. He was near the scene quite by accident in your output. The tragedy occurred in the city of Ust-Kut during renovations in one of the apartments of high-rise buildings. Senior police Lieutenant Julius Peshkov was passing by in a car and, without hesitation, rushed to the aid of people.

The door of the affected house reveal with the aid of special equipment. The city and district, almost entirely, on the site of emergency. Residents are shunning them — are simply afraid to remember the incident, «TV Center».

«Blew up a propane tank. Was such a blast,» says a resident of the affected house Love the beach.

«The explosion. Can’t understand all the smoke. Can not get out, doors locked. Do not know what is there in the apartment. Got me guys», — says a resident of house Victoria Guseva.

These same men — Julius Peshkov and those who helped him. In the output of their legal COP was passing by the ill-fated house and I heard a pop. The wife with the child to explain anything he did not. Just got out of the car and rushed into the burning house.

«He started shouting: «is There anyone there?» On the first floor in the room saw the man. It was debris, from furniture. Tried to get it. A little trash with it removed. Strength is not enough was hard,» recalls the MP.

Soon appeared in time help, together pulled the man. And the police did not calm down. Everyone was yelling until the last — «anybody There?» Exclaimed the grandmother. Rescued her, too.

«There was a bed, a piano on the bed, and grandma was beneath him. Pushed a piano. Began to persuade her that she left the apartment, to help her started. And she asked to see where is grandpa,» continued the MP.

Grandfather was already dead, so Julius all present strictly punished not to say anything to his wife. But that was not all. Downstairs, he saw sticking out from under a pile of rubble in the foot.

«I began to understand — there the two men were. I understand that the landlord and the employee. Dug up them. I ran outside, there was already a crowd gathered. Asked someone local to bring blankets warm from next door,» said Peshkov.

Until local carrying blankets, Julius helped to evacuate 15 tenants entrance. A hero he does not consider himself a day off with the family never held. In any case, he saved everyone I could.

Olga Strel’tsova, «TV Center».

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In the Irkutsk region, police rescued from the fire 15 people 06.12.2017

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