In the framework of a sudden inspection of the black sea and the Caspian flotilla came out of the sea

More than 15
warships of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation in the framework of a sudden check of combat readiness,
which is carried out on the orders of the Supreme commander, out to sea
for the training of ship crews, working off the elements of air
and mine defense at sea doctrines on the formation of organization skills
the struggle for survival in the sea. About it RIA Novosti reported with reference to
on information from the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation.

The black sea fleet to perform tasks for introductory sudden check in the composition
naval strike groups, naval anti-submarine strike groups,
mine-sweeping groups and groups of amphibious ships, the sea came over 15 combat
ships,» the report says.

In the composition
the group’s ship, the frigate «Admiral Grigorovich» missile ship «Samum»
and «Mirage», patrol ship «Smetliviy» large
landing ship «Nikolai phylchenkov», «Azov», «Yamal»,
«Caesar Kunikov», «Saratov».

In the Caspian flotilla also took to the teachings
ships in groups of 10 units, among which the new small missile
ships «Grad svijazhsk», «Velikiy Ustyug», «Uglich». Also for exercises involved artillery
boats, inshore minesweepers, and basic.

note that the number of military units and formations in the framework of checking the readiness of the
will be transferred over significant distances up to 2 kilometers.»
accordance with the plan of interventions for the further implementation of combat training
tasks they (military units) will be deployed to unfamiliar
the polygons located at a considerable distance from the places of permanent
deployment,» — said the Russian defense Ministry.

The whole border
the territory of Russia is strengthened patrolled, and the most important military and civilian targets is additionally protected
the means of defense.

In the framework of a sudden inspection of the black sea and the Caspian flotilla came out of the sea 26.08.2016

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