In the far East, the elections are held without violations

A single day of voting in the far East is without faults. However, in some regions this year the turnout is lower than five years ago. In particular, according to district election commissions, in Chukotka for the first hours voted by 19.1 per cent, of the voters that by 3.61% less than during the elections of the state Duma of the sixth convocation.
On the Kamchatka Peninsula in the first two hours of voting in elections of deputies of the State Duma voted approximately 6.61 percent of voters, about 0.13% less than five years ago.

«I think that to compare the election on 18 September 2016, with 2011 is impossible, because then the voting took place in December, and now many residents of the region have not yet returned to the Peninsula from vacation, or the busy harvest country houses», — quotes «Interfax» the Chairman of the electoral Committee of the Kamchatka region Inga Irinina.

However, in regional election Committee of the Sakhalin oblast noted that while the vote takes place more actively than state Duma elections in December 2011. In the first two hours on election of deputies of the state Duma of the seventh convocation has voted more than 6.6% of voters (in 2011 was 5.54% of voters).

Also more actively vote for the current elections to the state Duma of Primorye residents: for the first two hours, the turnout was of 6.54%, whereas the election in 2011 for the same time voted 4,79% of the voters.

«For the first two hours the turnout, according to preliminary data, is about 6.54 percent. The most actively vote in rural areas. Maximum voter turnout in Vladivostok was about 5%», — quotes «Interfax far East, Deputy Chairman of the electoral Commission of Primorsky Krai Larissa Orlova.

In the regions of Yakutia at 10:00 local time the choice made 7,1% of voters, have informed Agency «Interfax — far East» the Chairman of Republican electoral Committee Anatoly Krivoshapkin.

«The turnout at 10 a.m. local time and made up 7.19%. In the Republic’s capital Yakutsk — 2,35%. Voted 44 659 thousand of voters,» — said A. Krivoshapkin.

In the far East, the elections are held without violations 18.09.2016

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