In the Donskoy monastery to restore the victim of hurricane necropolis

The hurricane that went through the city in late may, did not spare the unique necropolis of the Donskoy monastery, located on the territory of the monastery. Of the monuments have already been restored, and the forces of the monastery. But with some gravestones restorers has yet to work.

The consequences of the hurricane in the Donskoy monastery eliminate very active, work is being done for the third week. This was reported by «TV Center». It is necessary to remove fallen trees, clear the gravestones. Alas, many of the seriously damaged monuments are the tombs of Prince Volkonsky and of Admiral Ermashova. Experts of the cultural heritage Department intend to examine in detail all seven of the damaged gravestones and appreciate the scale of upcoming work. After which the monuments will be included in the restoration plan.

Before elements could not resist neither old trees nor marble nor granite. Stella flew to pieces, tombstones turned over. What will happen to them next is unclear. The fact that the issue of restoration is very thin. Last summer, the fallen trees were already damaged here two grave monument. And then the restorers decided not to touch, not to destroy the unique mosaic and minor elements. What will be the verdict of the experts this time, many are concerned about.

The necropolis of the Donskoy monastery is a unique, famous all over the world. It attracts thousands of tourists every day come hundreds of Muscovites. Among them some of the leading architects, artists, historians, and descendants shall rest here famous people. Here are the graves of Denikin and Solzhenitsyn, grandmother and uncle of Pushkin, close to the poet friends, the Decembrists, scientists, military leaders, and the only survivor after the explosion of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour bas-reliefs. Saved by a miracle. Luckily, the hurricane didn’t hurt them. It is hoped that the restorers at this time will be able to restore everything else.

Olga Strel’tsova Andrey Kostrov, V. Belinsky. «TV Center», Moscow.

In the Donskoy monastery to restore the victim of hurricane necropolis 17.06.2017

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