In the desert of Turkmenistan found the «gate to hell»

In Turkmenistan there is a mysterious burning hole in the ground, or rather, Darvaza gas crater, which locals call the «Door to hell» or «Gates of Hell». To get to this strange place, is possible only through the Karakum desert.

In translation into Russian language of Darvaz is the «door» Karakum «black Sands». From the burning hole and looks like a «door in the black sand», only has a circular shape. Around the gas crater is almost empty, except for wild animals and camels. People bypassed this strange place. One of the closest settlements are located at a distance of 90 kilometers. This village Yerbent.

The crater diameter is 60 meters, that is almost a football field, and its depth is 20 meters (approximately seven storeys). The air around the crater scalding hot. The gas burning day and night, is divided into many fiery languages, which reaches a height of almost 15 meters.

In the desert of Turkmenistan found the «gate to hell» 20.07.2016

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