In the constellation of the whale found a habitable planet

Scientists have discovered a new planet — twin Earth. It is in the constellation of the whale and, according to the discoverers, completely devoid of shortcomings. This implies that an as-yet-unnamed planet could support life.

She is in the «zone of life», in the orbit where water can exist and the atmosphere. The ideal candidate for the title of «twin Earth». A small rocky planet, there are more than five billion years. The size is comparable to ours — just one and a half times wider in diameter and has six times more mass. The climate, however, rather than earth, and Mars, said «TV Center».

«This planet is, apparently, not a water balloon, but really consists of solid rock. Is able to assess the value of its mass and its size — it is possible to estimate the density. This density indicates that this planet is similar to Earth. Thus, this is another step to the discovery of the planet, completely similar to the Earth,» — says head of Department at the Institute of astronomy Oleg Malkov.

Name her yet, just a room. New planet discovered with the help of eight powerful automated telescopes, installed in Chile, in the mountains. It is known that it revolves around a tranquil star — a red dwarf. And this is a big plus, scientists say. Because these dwarf stars live for billions of years.

«So if civilization was going to occur and develop, she would have arisen and evolved enough time. Dwarf star, which is predominantly of the planet and open, and our Sun, by the way is a dwarf, they are from this point of view the most preferred lights for their planets, because they live a long time,» explains gold.

On the other hand, the nature of these dwarfs even the regular occurrence of severe flare, capable of destroying everything nearby. Generally potentially habitable planet outside the Solar system scientists had found before. First opened in 1995. Now they are over fifty. However, as it turned out, they are not without «flaws». How perfect would be a new discovery, will show further research of its trajectory and the atmosphere. In General, scientists still believe that earthlings are not alone in the Universe and the most similar to our living planet sooner or later be discovered.

Julia Lagomarsino, Valeria Dzgoeva, Dmitry Panov. «TV Center».

In the constellation of the whale found a habitable planet 22.04.2017

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