In the Bundestag urged to stop the project «Northern stream 2»

Bundestag Deputy from the ruling German party, the Christian democratic Union (CDU) Norbert Rettgen urged on Tuesday the German government and Chancellor Angela Merkel to stop the construction of the pipeline «Nord stream-2».

«The Federal government must move away from its position that «Nord stream-2″ is purely economic and not a political project,» Röttgen said in an interview with Zeit.

«The project energetically, and from the point of view of foreign policy is wrong. It goes against everything what the EU agreed in the sphere of foreign policy and energy», — said the Deputy.

On that project there are political risks also said on Tuesday the head of the Austrian oil company OMV Rainer Seele, speaking at the forum AlpEuregio at the Economic chamber of Austria, RIA Novosti reported.

According to him, the project «Northern stream-2″ economically and technically stable, the problems with its construction can only arise because of the decisions dictated by politics.»Your question was whether the project to fall apart…. This should never be ruled out. But I have to say that the project is neither technically nor economically collapse, it can only be a political intervention,» he said.

In the Bundestag urged to stop the project «Northern stream 2» 19.10.2016

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