In Tatarstan Bashkiria hunter shot the girl, taking her for a gopher

The shocking incident occurred in Tatarstan — there is a poacher wounded from a gun of a minor child, mistaking him for a gopher. About the details of the outrageous case, the public was informed by the staff of the regional investigation Department, which opened a criminal case into the incident.

According to the materials of the case, the incident occurred in Yutazinsky area of the Republic of Tatarstan at the end of last month. It is reported that one day in August, red-haired 15-year-old resident of the village of Ural climbed the mountain, located five hundred meters from her village, because there is better caught the Internet.

The girl lay down in the grass and indulged in network entertainment, not noticing that a few hundred meters from her wandering hunter, armed with a carbine «wild boar». The man saw that the grass something rufous; thought there sits a squirrel and shot at the redheaded teenager, and then quietly went home, leaving the wounded schoolgirl.

Fortunately, the wound was not fatal — the bullet hit the left shoulder girls, going on the flight and damaging the soft tissue of the shoulder and scapular region. After the injury a bleeding sacrifice the hunter was able to return to his village. There the victim was noticed by a local resident that his car took her to the paramedic.

But careless hunter interested investigators. They found that the girl was shot by 57-year-old Bashkir living in the town of Oktyabrsky. The man partially admitted his guilt — he claims that injured a teenager by accident, confusing it with gopher. However, as found by the servants of the law, a license to shoot these rodents the hunter was and he wasn’t allowed to hunt near the settlement.

In Tatarstan Bashkiria hunter shot the girl, taking her for a gopher 07.09.2016

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